Stay Connected with Power Banks

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Power Banks are the simple solution to modern day’s biggest concern: The need to stay powered up and connected at all times. We can all agree that we feel slightly panicked when the “10% Battery Remaining” alert on any of our devices pops up. Nobody has the time to browse through tangled wires while also fighting to locate a power outlet. Power Banks are small and light, simple to use, and are easily accessible for such emergencies.


According to stats reported by PEW research, as of 2015 nearly two-thirds (64%) of U.S. adults own a smartphone. Of that 64%, 7% are considered “smartphone dependent” and rely on their mobile device for Internet service. Additionally, 46% of smartphone owners have admitted that their smart phone is something they “couldn’t live without.” Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our culture.  People use them for everything from communicating with others via email, phone or text to taking and sending pictures / videos to obtaining and monitoring health information, online banking and keeping up to date on current events.

Smartphones, aUQ3141-b-750xnd their larger siblings including tablets, e-readers and laptops, are heavily relied on and the need to keep these devices charged is huge. This is where power banks come into play.  Portable power banks are armed with a USB and a Micro USB connecting cable, allowing users to charge via a single power source. The electrical energy is then stored in the power bank for use when a phone, tablet, camera, GPS device, Go Pro, or any other tech device is running low on power

Don’t let their small, sleek, compact appearance fool you; power banks have some serious energy capacity! A power bank’s capacity is measured by how much energy it can store. This is also known as mAH (milli Ampere Hour). The higher the mAH, the longer the power bank will be able to charge a device. For instance, a phone with a battery of 1500 mAH can be charged once fully by a 1500 mAH Power Bank. A 5600 mAH Power Bank can charge a phone up to 3.5 times and can charge an iPad up to 40% battery life.


As the importance of Power Banks becomes more prevalent, companies are turning to these powerful devices for branding opportunities. Power banks come in all shapes and sizes and are fully customizable. You even have the ability to develop custom shapes and designs and choose exact PMS colors to match your brand’s personality and enhance visibility. Pair a power bank with another tech device like a Bluetooth speaker or headphones, and make a perfect corporate gift!