BMW Cookie Tin

The Background

BMW, a German automobile company founded in 1916 is one of the top three best-selling luxury automakers in the world. A parent company of Rolls Royce, BMW strives to be a prominent company in the car industry by offering the latest innovative designs that are sought out by patrons around the world.

The Challenge

BMW values their loyal customer base so they are continually brainstorming new ideas show their appreciation for their clienteles’ business. Whether it is a customer purchasing a new car or bringing the car in for annual maintenance, BMW wanted to give a variation of a “Gift with Purchase” that everyone will enjoy.

The Final Product

When you are in the business of cars, it makes sense to give a gift that could be left in the vehicle. Boost Promotions created a custom air tight canister filled with 100% handmade, all natural mini bite size cookies. The cookies were left in the cup holder of the owner’s car to be enjoyed in the car, home or office. The promotion was so successful, Boost created a second design for BMW MINI to use in their cars.