Dallas on TNT

The Background

DALLAS debuted in 2012 as a continuation of the 1978 – 1991 hit prime time TV drama series. The show features five members of the original cast joined with today’s A-List celebrities to create a new-age drama revisited after a 22 year hiatus. The show relies heavily on viewers’ loyalty to the conniving, upper class, southern personalities during captivating weekly episodes.

The Challenge

Show producers sought to gain a strong internet presence by offering an after show interactive discussion platform through the TNT website and social media sites. The show audience visits the Rise to Power website following each episode to declare allegiance to their favorite DALLAS character. If their chosen character is selected, the viewer is entered to win a prize designed by Boost.

The Final Product

Boost Promotions created themed merchandise for each episode during the inaugural season. The final scene in the pilot episode, two characters have a meeting on the 50-yard-line, right on the blue star. We produced DALLAS logoed football jerseys, sweatbands and double striped tube socks to highlight the Cowboys Stadium cameo. Other promotional merchandise custom-made for each episode includes a bullet-shaped USB drive, “I Shot J.R.” Gold Pen, “The Ewings” Oil Rig Hardhat, Southfork Leather Padfolio and Soap/Hand Towel Bathroom Gift Set.