Verizon Wireless

The Background

After working with one of the largest Verizon Wireless preferred retailors, Boost Promotions was contacted by corporate. We were asked to become a preferred merchandise vendor which included becoming a part of the Co-Op Program. This gave us access to all of the Verizon Wireless dealers.

The Challenge

To add value to their current offerings, Boost was assigned the task to implement a strategy to help the nationwide dealer network differentiate themselves from each other.

The Final Product

Boost Promotions implemented a complete custom program where all the merchandise that we created is dealer/retailer specific. This allowed each dealer to brand their own information (name, address, phone, etc) along with the general Verizon Wireless logo. Now potential customers and customers are able to contact them directly and visit the correct dealer store. No more confusion or wasted marketing dollars! This has led to increased devise activations for every dealer network we have worked with while creating a higher level of brand awareness.