Voli Vodka

The Background

Pitbull is a rapper and producer who has taken over the rap and pop world since 2001. He also has a successful line of fragrances and TV Development Company. It seems like whatever he puts his name on turns to platinum. His No. 1 hit “Give Me Everything” has taken a new meaning as he hops into the beverage world.

The Challenge

He plays hard and works hard so why not make a product that does both? The savvy businessman launched a new liquor, Voli Vodka, a premier spirit, using superior multi-distilled French wheat and infused high quality natural flavors. In a saturated market, Pitbull needed to set his product apart from the others.

The Final Product

With the celebrity obsession and social media frenzy, who better to market Voli Vodka than his own network? Pitbull did a PR push to all of his superstar friends to launch his new brand. Custom boxes were designed to fit the bottle. It looks like it paid off.